Pamma Hubbert | 09/22/2021

Rocky’s Harley-Davidson Remind Riders of Seasonal Safety Measures Amidst Falling Temperatures 


Fall is here, and temperatures are “falling” – but that doesn’t mean the end of riding season! Here are some tips to stay warm, and safe, when riding in cooler autumn weather. 
London, ON  – October 18, 2018


Dress Appropriately 

In fall we often experience cooler mornings and evenings, with warm afternoons. If you are going on a motorcycle trip or know you’re going to be on the road for a long time, be sure to pack extra clothing and dress in layers including a base layer and gear liner. A leather motorcycle jacket not only acts as a layer of protection in the event of a collision, but it will keep you sheltered from the wind and keep you warm. It’s also a good idea to be prepared and bring any rain gear. 

Wet and dry leaves
As beautiful as the leaves are during this time of year, they can also be dangerous to motorcycle riders. Wet leaves from the rain can be slippery, while dry leaves can cover any potholes or any additional conditions.

As the leaves begin to accumulate on the roadway they can be very slick. Whether wet or dry, driving through stacks of leaves can reduce traction, making it difficult to stop. A simple reduction of speed and awareness can make all the difference.”  says SGT HARDING,Traffic Management Unit, London Police Services, October 2018


When riding on the outskirts of London or Ontario’s rural roads, there’s a strong probability you will spot some wildlife. This time of year is usually deer season which means there’s a chance you’ll see a deer darting across the road. As a motorcycle rider, don’t swerve to avoid the deer. Instead, brake hard until the potential collision with the animal has passed. Deer also tend to travel in herds, if you spot one deer there might be a few more in the area.

Shortage of daylight
With the days getting shorter, there’s only so much riding time left. During this time of year, the sun is lower on the horizon, and the sun glare is stronger. There are also changing sunrise and sunset times in the fall. Adjust your speed and travel times accordingly.

Even though it’s not quite winter yet, morning frost and icy patches can still appear on the roads, especially in shaded areas. Slippery black ice can also make an appearance during your ride and can be tough to spot. Be extra cautious on wet and damp days.” says Jeff Duncan, General Manager of Rocky’s Harley-Davidson 


We’re fortunate to live in parts of Ontario that experience such a picturesque transformation in the fall - it’s a favorite time for motorcycle riders to plan a bike trip or ride to the cottage. Before you heed the call of the open road, perform a maintenance check to make sure your bike is in good condition and watch the weather forecast.

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About Rocky’s Harley-Davidson: 

At Rocky’s Harley-Davidson, we fulfill dreams of personal freedom – it’s our purpose, and we take it seriously. And while freedom means different things to different people, it’s a bond that brings Harley-Davidson customers, employees, dealers and enthusiasts together.

Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders come from diverse backgrounds. What all riders have in common regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity is they are all freedom-loving, adventure-seeking individuals who aspire to the values Harley-Davidson stands for – independence, authenticity, and the passion for being on the open road. For more than 60 years, Rocky’s Harley-Davidson has been selling and servicing one of the world’s most recognized brands and consecutively recognized as Canadian Retailer of the Year for 4 years running - right here in London, ON. 

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Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®: The Ultimate Test Ride

Pamma Hubbert | 11/22/2019

What it’s like to ride a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®   Harley-Davidson has been and will be unrivaled in the comfort of their motorcycles, especially their touring bikes. But there is one bike Harley-Davidson has created that excels and beats their own bikes, and that is the Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®, which has only become better each year, with its best model out this year, 2020. As a young rider, I’m expected to enjoy riding something smaller than a touring bike, such as a Sportster®, and typically people my age don’t appreciate the look of the touring bikes. The Road Glide®, in my opinion, is the smoothest, most comfortable and most stylish ride out there, and with all the new features of the new models, in addition to the superior design and convenience of some of the bike’s add-ons. Harley-Davidson’s other touring motorcycles closely follow, but the Road Glide® reigns supreme.   When trying to figure out which model of Harley® to purchase, convenience is a term rarely used other than referring to the size of the bike, but in the case of the Road Glide®, convenience is one of the biggest positives to owning one. For example, the Street Glide® is another amazing touring bike, one of my personal favorites, and has the same stereo and GPS system as the Road Glide®, but the location is the biggest difference.   On the Street Glide®, the touch screen system is located in the middle of the fairing, as well as the speedometer and other gauges, but Street Glide® motorcycles have a fairing which swings as the bars turn, so good luck trying to manipulate it while moving on a bend. But on the Road Glide®, the system is mounted just under your windshield, and since the fairing is mounted to the frame, the screen is always under your eye-line, as are the gauges, leaving me with a clear, safe view of all the information available on your dashboard. It’s nice when I’m riding through the countryside full of bends, knowing that I can keep my eyes on the road and GPS at the same time without worrying about missing a turn or not seeing a car turn in front of me, etc...   Another difference the mounted fairing creates is the wide range of handlebars which can be attached to the bike. With other touring bikes, the bars must be wide enough to fit underneath the inside of the fairing. Don’t get me wrong, the bars the other touring bikes can use are very stylish, but since the Road Glide® bars just attach under the gauges, like stem on a mountain bicycle or BMX, there is a wider array of bars which can be fitted into that spot, in case the rider perhaps wants bars that are less wide or perhaps taller than the fairing, at least the option is there. I prefer the Chiseled handlebars that Harley® has for sale, as they are higher up allowing me to sit up straight on the motorcycle, and widen out at the top so my back doesn't feel as tight when turning and allows for more power into my push steering. A wider variety doesn’t always mean it’s a better selection but more customization is better person to person.       By now you may have noticed that most of the positives of owning a Road Glide® versus another touring bike stem from the difference in the fairing, and it’s true, considering it is the only real difference the bike has compared to the other models, but it changes the feel of the ride completely. The larger fairing of the bike seems to just force itself through the wind without the worry of being tossed back and forth from one side of the laneway to the other. The shape of the bike obviously does not “cut through” the wind compared to other aerodynamic bikes, yet the ride feels so smooth as if it does just slice through the air.   Also, since the fairing does not move with every turn of the handle bars, there is significantly less weight to push against when turning. This allows for quicker maneuvering if necessary. I especially love this change of weight when I ride on roads with debris, such as stones or dirt patches. I would compare the steering to riding something light like a Sportster®, so easy and fluid, yet you’re moving a bike twice the size and twice as comfortable.   Now for what makes the all-new 2020 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® so special are the new features the new models use, and trust me, they are worth it. 2020 is the first year that our motorcycles will use a traction control setting which can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch, though i would highly recommend using it. Not only does it keep your tire from spinning under you when you take off from a stop or “crack” the throttle while moving, but the system also limits or increases your braking power around bends to ensure safe cornering.   Although I have more experience riding than others my age, I still occasionally get worried rolling into a turn, with the fear that my rear tire may slip out from under me and cause a fall. But with the new traction control system, I've never felt safer riding, in fact, my confidence as a rider has even been boosted simply because of how easy the new motorcycles are to ride. And of course, the traction control makes riding in the rain feels hardly different from dry asphalt.   While most of this post details the actual technical parts of why i believe this model of motorcycle to be superior, if you don’t care or don't understand, then let me tell you, the bike just feels better to ride. If I could choose one word to describe how riding one of these bikes feels it would be “stable”. Everything on these bikes just feel like they work properly to give you a ride that feels safe. The steering on a road cannot be matched, tight enough that with cruise control on, i can go no handed without a worry in the world (although I don't recommend doing so). And yet, with the light resistance of steering without a moving fairing, it is easy enough to swerve back and forth across the laneway when necessary.   But how a bike handles is only half of the “feel” aspect. The power the Milwaukee-Eight® engine is unrivaled and throws you backwards with every crack of the throttle. Personally, the power in one of these bikes is enough to give me that rush of adrenaline that only comes when in the presence of power, and riding this motorcycle is a power trip indeed.   While the Road Glide® isn’t everybody’s favorite motorcycle, it is mine, but I can understand why it wouldn’t be favorable to somebody else. Some people aren't comfortable with the light feeling on the handlebars, or they prefer the stereo system to be in front of them where it would be easier to reach. Maybe they prefer the one headlight the other models have instead of having two. To each their own, but to those reading, if you’re considering a new bike, then I hope this has helped you reach a decision, Road Glide® or not.  

***ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Shawn. I am 21 years old and I’ve ridden motorcycles on the road since I was 16, getting my motorcycle license the first chance I could, and i also have prior years of riding experience. My father bought me my first bike, a 50cc dirt bike when I was four years old, and I’ve been riding since, including a few years of motocross racing as a teenager. With both of my parents being motorcycle enthusiasts and riders, both of whom had social circles with people of similar interests, you could say I've been surrounded by “biker culture” and adopted it myself. While I may not be a technician, I know my way around a bike and I love to ride as much as I can (weather permitting).

  Follow me on Instagram: @diabeteg

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6 Things Every Biker Does: Winter Storage Edition

Pamma Hubbert | 11/27/2019


  Putting your motorcycle away for winter storage seems like an easy process. So easy that when you say it out loud, that appears to be all the steps. “I’m putting my motorcycle away in a safe place for the winter, like my garage”, then it’s over, and your bike will remain until the pleasant spring weather rolls around and you can continue your riding experience where you left off the previous year.   While that short process seems good and simple, if you want to put away your motorcycle effectively without worry of future complications, then perhaps this guide is for you!   Putting away your bike and leaving it to sit seems like the proper procedure to do for the winter, but it is a mistake many new riders make, as they don’t factor in certain properties of the parts and fluids inside the bike.     There are 6 fundamental steps to keeping your bike safe for storage through the winter:  











  The first thing to remember is the fuel tank. Old fuel can be fickle, since water can build up in the tank, leading to separation between the ethanol and fuel, with the ethanol sinking to the bottom of the tank. This can lead to fuel lines, seals, and the tank itself succumbing to corrosion. To prevent this, you could run your bike every week for a few minutes, but if you read ahead into safe storage, you’ll understand why that might not be a viable option. Another option would be to remove the fuel, but the probability that you plan on siphoning the gas out of your tank is most likely low. That’s not a bad thing, as there is an easier process you can do to keep the gas from corroding.   A motorcycle fuel stabilizer is an answer to your old fuel problems! Just a touch of this magic red fluid poured into your full of fuel gas tank can leave you worry-free for the winter season. Just remember to read the instructions on the bottle of stabilizer to ensure you are using the correct amount. DO NOT USE THE WHOLE BOTTLE! Typically you only need a few ounces. If too much is used, then the gasoline is diluted and the next time you ride, you may hear some terrible sounds and lose power.  



After pouring the stabilizer, try to slosh it around. Once you feel you've given it a good shake, start the bike and leave it running for five minutes, or perhaps take it for a short ride around your neighborhood block, to ensure that the treated fuel circulates all the way through your bike's system and into the lines to protect them and the seals around them. Otherwise certain parts can get gunky from the diffusion of the fuel.







The next step for winter storage would be to change your oil and oil filter on your motorcycle. Whilst some think that it’s okay to wait until the spring to change your oil, since the bike is not running for a season, it’s my opinion that the filter and oil should be changed prior to winter storage, as not only will all the gunk from your oil sink down to the bottom of your oil pan, but if the oil sits too long and manages to mix with your fuel, the mixture becomes acidic and can damage the inner workings of your bike.   The process and location of each bike may be different, but just remember to drain the bike of its old oil, then replace the oil filter, and refill to an appropriate amount for the bike. Only fill to where the dipstick indicates where the cold oil level should be then run the bike until it is warm, and check the dipstick once again to ensure the oil level has reached the hot marker. If not, adjust as necessary. Since you've replaced the oil before storage, it’s one less thing to worry about during the spring, meaning you can hop right on your bike and ride away.  



Removing the battery is as simple as it sounds. That's exactly what you are doing. Some people tend to forget this step or don't bother, believing that their battery will survive the winter, something based on luck. And sometimes it will, but sometimes it won’t so why take the chance? As most may know, leaving any sort of battery in cold temperatures for extended periods can cause the battery to deteriorate, either to the point it’s dead, or at the very least, reduce its maximum charge and power output. Removing a battery takes a short few minutes to do, so why not do it, unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars every spring.  



The placement of a battery is simple. You want to keep your battery somewhere warm, but not too warm. Specifically, you want to find somewhere that is dry, with a temperature over 0 degrees Celsius to prevent freezing and cracking, whilst also keeping it under 35 degrees Celsius. If the battery is stored at a temperature past either range, it will discharge much faster. An ideal temperature to store it would be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 24 degrees Celsius. Even if it is kept in this temperature range, the battery will still discharge, just not as quickly. If you have one or are open to investing in one, a battery tender will go a long way and keep your battery from dying if you keep it charged all winter, which like mentioned earlier, beats paying hundreds of dollars for a new battery altogether.  



The final step to prepare for storage is more so ongoing maintenance. Checking tire pressure periodically is the only thing left to do. Cold temperatures can cause your tires to lose pressure, so using a gauge and refilling them using an air compressor is recommended.  Also, since the bike is remaining stationary for such a long period, it is recommended to put it on a jack or something which will keep its tires off the ground to avoid flat spots. If you lack a jack, putting the bike on its stand and rotating the tires once a week will work fine as well.   If something doesn't feel right, sound right, or smell right, text or call  Aaron at 519-438-1450 or  Schedule A Service!  

- ABOUT THE AUTHOR - My name is Shawn. I am 21 years old and I’ve ridden motorcycles on the road since I was 16, getting my motorcycle license the first chance I could, and I also have prior years of riding experience. My father bought me my first bike, a 50cc dirt bike when I was four years old, and I’ve been riding since, including a few years of motocross racing as a teenager. With both of my parents being motorcycle enthusiasts and riders, both of whom had social circles with people of similar interests, you could say I've been surrounded by “biker culture” and adopted it myself. While I may not be a technician, I know my way around a bike and I love to ride as much as I can (weather permitting).


Follow me on Instagram: @diabeteg

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How to check your tire pressure like a pro

Pamma Hubbert | 01/18/2020

We want you to get the most out of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and we know that it isn't always convenient to stop by our Service Department for a quick check-up, especially if you're devouring endless miles of the open road away from home. That's why we put together this Maintenance 101: The basics video for you.  Watch the video below and learn how to check your tire pressure like a pro!        


Always make sure to speak with Aaron in Service if you are not sure about the performance of your motorcycle. Never attempt any mechanical work by yourself unless you are a trained and certified mechanic because things can get messy. Call, text, or book an appointment online and we will get you on the bench and back on the road in no time.

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7 Things Every Rider Does : Spring Riding Edition

Pamma Hubbert | 03/11/2020

Spring is here, and temperatures are starting to rise - which means the beginning of riding season! Here are some tips to stay warm and safe when taking your bike out of storage and hitting the open road this spring! Tires Your tires are your life line when riding a motorcycle. You want to make sure that those inflated rubber donuts will keep you shiny side up on the road, especially when you’re in full lean ‘rounding a bend!  

  • Check for cracks
  • Check your wear indicators (bumps or bars in the tire groove)
  • Check you spokes
  • Check tire pressure and inflate accordingly. (Tire will indicate what to set it to, as well as your owner’s manual)


Brakes 70% of your stopping power comes from the front brake. You do not want to find out that something isn’t working quite right while you’re on the road. You should be able to find similar wear indicators on your brake pads. If your brake pads are worn out, now is a good time to replace them. You don’t want to risk losing some serious seat time mid-season waiting for a bench. Squeeze your front brake as your next step. If your lever touches the bar or feels kind of mushy you will most likely need to bleed the line. If you do not know how to do this - DON’T DIY. Have a licenced mechanic take care of it for you. 


Fluids If you stored your motorcycle correctly in the fall then you would have already changed the oil. If you did not do this, you will want to make sure this is one of the first things that you do when getting your bike ready for spring. Use your owner’s manual and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. 


Battery You are going to need to charge your battery if it has been stored correctly this winter. If you have charged the battery and your bike still won’t start - do not fear. You will also want to change the battery in your keyfob. If your bike still won’t start then you should call your service centre and have a licenced technician diagnose the problem ASAP. 

[gallery columns="2" ids="1927,1926"]  

Lights and Gages You want to make sure that all your indicators and brake lights are working. 


Riding Gear Make sure you check your riding gear for damage or wear. Remember that your helmet expires after 5 years, unless it has been dropped or exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Both of these will compromise the structure and stability of your helmet. Your leather jacket has been sitting all winter, waiting for the days to pass by until Spring returns. Make sure you treat it with a leather conditioner prior to taking it out for those first few days of blissful Spring riding. 


Stay Alert The Spring is a dangerous time of year to ride. Drivers are not used to sharing the road with motorcycles and you have also not ridden in a few months. 

You also want to be aware of road conditions and plan your trip accordingly. Wet leaves will be  covering pot holes, salt and grit will be littered throughout the lanes, and of course the rain. 


Stay alert, take it easy, and ride safe this spring. 

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5 Things Every Rider Should Know - Fall Riding Edition

Pamma Hubbert | 10/01/2020

Fall is here but that doesn't mean the end of riding season! The air is crisper and the view is incredible with all the autumn colours that surround you with every turn, but autumn riding comes with its own set of rules and hidden dangers. Take a look at our list of 5 Things Every Rider Should Know - Fall Riding Edition.  

1. TEMPERATURES   [embed]https://twitter.com/meanwhileincana/status/875115928178053121[/embed] If you are going on a motorcycle trip or know you're going to be in the saddle for a long time, be sure to pack extra clothing and dress in layers - including a base layer and gear liner. A leather motorcycle jacket not only looks hella good, but it also acts as a barrier to help keep you sheltered from the wind and keep you warm. You also want to be prepared and bring rain gear, leather gloves, and consider adding heated gear to your commute - because Canada. Stop by and speak with our Riding Gear Specialists to find the best fit and which level of protection you need for the riding that you do.    
2. LEAVES: Wet or Dry - they're sneaky! Riding in the fall is an experience that fills your senses with adventure. Take a deep breath and take in the smell of freshly fallen leaves. There are few things in life that are indescribable, and riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in September and October is one of them. As beautiful as the leaves are during this time of year, however; they can also be dangerous to all riders. Wet leaves from the rain are slippery and dry leaves cover any potholes or ice patches. When approaching a pile of leaves on the road, do so with caution and ride slowly. Give yourself extra time to get to where you're going.    
3. WILDLIFE When taking the back roads, especially in Cottage Country, there's a good chance you could spot some wildlife. We are creeping up on Deer season, and deer don't pay attention to trivial things like road safety. They will dart across the road with no care in the world, almost always in front of a vehicle haulin' 90 KM/H on a darkened back-wood road. As a motorcycle rider, it is imperative that you do not swerve to avoid Bambi. Instead, brake hard until the potential collision is avoided. Deer travel in herds so expect there to be more in the area and stay alert.


4. SHORTER DAYS With the days getting shorter there is only so much daylight left. The sun is lower on the horizon and the glare burns with the fury of 1,000 suns. The sunrise and sunset times in the fall are constantly changing. Adjust your speed and travel times accordingly. Remember, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. If you can't avoid chasing the sun then pack accordingly. Speak with our Riding Gear Specialists to find out what tinted lenses you should have for your visor and riding glasses.    
5. MORNING FROST It's not quite Winter yet (thank goodness), but that doesn't mean Mother Nature isn't trying her best to make our mornings suck a little more each day. Frost and icy patches are starting to appear on the roads, and remain there for longer periods of time, especially in shaded areas. Slippery black ice can also make an appearance during your ride and can be tough to spot. Be extra cautious on wet and damp days.     Ontario looks absolutely stunning decked in fall foliage and it's a terrific time for motorcycle riders to plan their bike trip or ride to the cottage. Before you heed to the call of the open road, perform a maintenance check to make sure your bike is in good condition and watch the weather forecast.     Be safe and happy riding!  


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5 Gift Ideas for your Bike | 2020

Pamma Hubbert | 11/11/2020
We know that when it comes to your favourite family member, your motorcycle takes the cake (don't worry, your secret is safe with us). That's why we have put together this shortlist of things you can get for your bike this holiday season. You know, "from Santa" ;)


This fully-automatic Harley-Davidson® Weatherproof Dual-Mode Battery Tender is perfect for short- or long-term motorcycle battery charging needs. Selectable charge options provide optimal charging for your Harley-Davidson® Lithium LiFe or AGM Lead-Acid Batteries and, the waterproof housing ensures there won't be a problem even if water gets into your storage area. The vibration- and shock-resistant Battery Tender is reverse polarity protected and spark-proof, even when the leads touch. The Tender also includes an LED front panel to indicate the battery's state of charge. The time it will take to recharge a fully discharged Lithium battery is 5-9 hours. The time it takes to recharge a dead AGM battery is 8-12 hours.


Harley-Davidson® Wash Mitt, 94760-99. This premium quality, wool-blended wash mitt features extra dense pile for scrubbing power and durability. Machine washable, this mitt attains the perfect level of absorbency and has a Bar & Shield sewn into the cuff. Custom designed to be used with either hand and made specifically for washing Harley-Davidson® motorcycles

3. Harley-Davidson® Synthetic Drying Chamois

Harley-Davidson® Synthetic Drying Chamois, 94791-01. Made of synthetic material that is safe for use on all surface finishes, the Soft Drying Towel ensures extra absorbency without streaking. Size: 12" x 21" chamois. Stays soft and supple even when dry. Durable, mildew-resistant, and is machine washable. Includes a convenient storage container.


Aluminum housing is compact, lightweight, and durable, and fits easily into your bag for on-the-road adjustments. The high-quality 0-60 psi gauge ensures accurate air pressure.

5. Travel Care Kit

Whether you're starting the ultimate biker's garage, or want to keep your ride clean on the road, the Travel Care Kit is your answer has everything you need to make your bike shine. Just add the water.
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9 Gift Ideas | Manly Man Edit

Pamma Hubbert | 11/25/2020

There are a few things that you should know about me.  I love (in no particular order) my family, my Harley®, and Christmas shopping.  I love searching for the best deal, the best gift, and the most unique thing I can think of to gift those in my life.  I wont lie, there have been some real shitty gifts given along the way (Sorry Dave, I really did think you would enjoy Settlers of Catan…).   Normally, by this time of year, my tree is up, gifts are wrapped and we are ready to cruise to December 25th spending minimal time in stores.  This year has been different because of “that thing that shall not be named”.  There has been very little time spent in stores, no browsing, and when I am, I usually have an 8-year old tag-a-long asking “what’s this for?”, “can I get this?”, and “Mom, seriously, do you really need more shoes?”. The answer to that last question is yes, always yes.   So, the last and most difficult person to shop for is always my husband.  He has every tool known to man, buys whatever and whenever he wants all year, and apparently, does not appreciate Catan.  He wants a 2020 Harley-Davidson® Breakout® 114 before they disappear, but our garage is sorely lacking in space from our other mid-life crisis purchases (you know, convertible mustang, lowered truck, that home-gym system we swore we'd use but didn't). I looked up one-year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club (the gift that keeps giving the whole year), but they won't deliver to Canada, so once again, I was stuck.  Since the man also loves my Harley® (and like, who wouldn’t), I have compiled a list of the Harley-centric things I have picked up for him for Christmas.  Also, Dave, if you are reading, please stop here.  

I saw Jason Momoa (yeah, I follow him….for the bikes) wearing this in one of his Insta posts. I fell in love with the classic styling of the sweater!  I picked this up for Dave so I can pretend?  


When you find something you love, you buy it in more than one colour.  It’s the universally accepted rule of shopping.     3. Harley-Davidson Santa Ride T-Shirt

How cute is this! Sorry, not cute.  Manly! This is a limited edition 2020 Holiday t-shirt featuring St. Nick on his Hog.  This tee also has the Rocky’s Harley-Davidson logo on the back so you can show your love to your favourite dealership.  I am pretty sure this will end up in my drawer at some point because it is just awesome.   4. Harley-Davidson Performance Stretch Fast Dry Color Block Shirt

Every man looks fabulous in a collared shirt. Enough said.  This shirt has side and underarm vents to keep his cool while he toils through his to-do list.     5. Harley-Davidson Bandana Skull T-Shirt

What can I say, t-shirts make the best gifts ever!  Every guy needs t-shirts and Dave is no exception.  I suppose if I folded laundry more than once a month, he may not need as many, so I suppose this is a gift for both him and myself.     6. Harley-Davidson The Quality Pocket T-Shirt  

  I swear this is the last t-shirt on my list.  What can I say, the guy loves them.  This one is great for when I have him working on my car in the garage.  The grease blends well with the black fabric.  Kidding!   This one is super-soft and super-comfy. Santa may just get one for wifey also.  

I won't lie, I already have one of these hanging in my mudroom.  We adore this so much but it is monopolized by all my stuff.  I know Dave will love his own for his keys and coats.  Fun fact, the hooks are strong enough to hold a coat (though be sure to hang it to a stud).

  8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Steel Cable Ring  

A couple of years back, my husband broke his wedding band. I never replaced it because I couldn’t find one similar to the original.  When I saw this and how similar it was to his original wedding band, I tossed all my money at Leigh-Anne (who then gave me change and a weird look). Now he can strut around Western University once again proclaiming he is a married man.  Happy wife; happy life.      

We love cookies in our house.  I mean, what self-respecting person doesn’t? The gas tank design and simple graphics will be a welcomed addition to our existing cookie jar line up (taking the total to 4).

  Fortunately, all the items on my list, and hundreds more, are available both in-store (so you can see our friendly, albeit masked, faces) or online for home delivery or contactless curb-side pick up.  Rocky’s Harley-Davidson staff will also gift wrap your purchases in unique Harley-Davidson gift wrap so you can get gifts under the tree undetected.   Cheers, Alison  

Alison Soares has been a delightfully snarky addition to our Rocky's Harley-Davidson family since 2019. She is our in-house online shopping guru and expert bean-counter.
 When she isn't clicking "add to cart" in her spare time, you can find her at the shop, usually lurking around the MotorClothes® department.

Follow Alison on Instagram for more insightfully sassy content! @mrsdavis029

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10 Gift Ideas | Ladies Wish List Edit

Pamma Hubbert | 12/08/2020

10 Gift ideas, Ladies' wish list edit Your resident Harley-Davidson Shopaholic (this is a strictly self-appointed designation)  here with more gift ideas. You're welcome, Ladies. As was mentioned previously, I tend to spend a few minutes around the MotorClothes® desk to see what’s new coming into the shop. Lately, the new stock dropping has been so enticing. I may as well turn my paycheque right back to the boss-man to pay for all the goodies I want! This time around, since I am basically done with my Christmas shopping with the exception of my mother-in-law (I am open to any and all ideas), I thought I would make a post with hopes that my husband will see and pull his wallet out. Dave, this is the part where you pay attention!  

The two greatest things in this world (other than the Low Rider S) are warm feet and sparkly anything.  Keep your feet warm in style with these chic slippers.  Added bonus for Alison: the soles are rubber so I won't fall down (or up) the stairs.

2. Ladies Alloyed Dyed Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt This girl loves her hoodies, especially hoodies that seem like they are specifically designed for Christmas feasting.  The decorative zippers on the front prove functional by allowing additional room for an extra helping of turkey and the second slice of pie.  It is comfy and ideal for mid-afternoon napping (come on, everyone does it!) when the turkey-coma kicks into gear.

3. Harley-Davidson Swirly Black Hoodie Another Hoodie! Seriously, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying it is supposed to be a long and cold winter.  Around the dealership, we have to dress in layers, so this hoodie will look great under a coat, another coat, and another coat.  Someone should tell Jeff to turn the heat up.

4. Harley-Davidson Jacquard Sleeve Sweater (Black) This sweater is simple, classy, and very warm. Warmth will be an ongoing theme of my list if you haven’t noticed already.  It helps that this is fitted and looks absolutely fabulous over a pair of jeans.

5. Harley-Davidson Jacquard Sleeve Sweater (Cream) Once again, obeying the laws of shopping, when you find something you like, you must always purchase in multiple colours.  Fortunately, this washes up like a dream, since I am such a spilly-eater and drinker.

6. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Highball Glasses I’m on a bit of a bourbon kick right now, Bulleit if you are wondering.  It is so very tasty. I think the glassware adds to the experience, so it is a must to have a super-cool set of glasses to enjoy your favourite bevvy in.  

7. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Stemless Wine Glasses Wine.  I may not be a Sommelier, but I know what I like. Only the finest card Bordeaux will do for me (which is an ever present fixture in my fridge). As mentioned previously, I am a spilly-drinker, so having wine glasses without a stem just makes sense for me.

8. Harley-Davidson Ceramic Hog Bank I’m saving my pennies for another bike.  I want this to collect my loonies and toonies.  Wouldn’t it be absolutely hilarious to pay for a new bike using 12,000 two-dollar coins?  I’m sure the person tasked with counting the payment would hate me for it… oh wait.  

9. Harley-Davidson Logo Pullover Hoodie Oh, look, another source of warmth. Show your love for Harley with this simple, yet warm, sweatshirt. I got mine a size too big for added comfort when lounging.

 This is always a safe bet.  Let her pick out her own gift in the new year!  Rocky’s offers gift cards of any value.

  Seriously, I had a hard time condensing this list to only ten items. I walk through the MotorClothes® section of the store to Leigh-Anne, Ani, and Jody rolling their eyes at me asking what I am buying now (spoiler alert, it is usually something). I would be happy to help pick out gifts for your ladies, and I’ll even wrap them for you.  The Men’s VIP Shopping Day is coming up later this week. Thursday only, save the taxes on in-stock Parts, Accessories, and General Merchandise. See you then! Cheers, Alison

Alison Soares has been a delightfully snarky addition to the Rocky's Harley-Davidson team since 2019. She is our in-house online shopping guru and expert bean-counter.
 When she isn't clicking "add to cart" in her spare time, you can find her at the shop, usually lurking around the MotorClothes® department.
Follow Alison on Instagram for more insightfully sassy content! @mrsdavis029
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Porch Piracy | The New Generation Of A**holes

Pamma Hubbert | 12/26/2020

Porch Piracy, the new Generation of Assholes. Many years ago, I had the brilliant idea to get Dave a PlayStation 4 for Christmas.  As I write this, he is working on his 323rd hour of Farming Simulator, so it really was a gift for me as well. I had a shitty job at the time, and a toddler in day-care, so my funds were basically spoken for when pay-day came. I managed to save enough to get my darling husband that coveted PlayStation 4. I was so excited to have it delivered. I arranged to be home first to grab it and hide it.  However, when I got home, it was no longer there.  I was a victim of Porch Piracy.  This would be the first of many parcel thefts in the years that follow, including today (I hope you like your bag of quinoa, dirtbag). I have cameras now, so I see can the dirtbag faces of the dirtbags' lifting parcels off my front porch.  I am looking into a more permanent solution (other than leaving out boxes filled with “gifts” from my 90-pound Cane Corso, Lucy. Pictured at the end). Pamma recommended the Harley-Davidson Steel Locker.

My delivery guys all know me and would definitely be amenable to leaving the parcel in a locked box.  At one point, I had a delivery guy know my front door code and would leave items inside, right up until that lock broke.  Still waiting on Dave to fix that, but I digress. This Harley-Davidson locker is heavy-duty powder-coated steel with a shelf and hooks inside for storage. It is “recommended” that this is used to store your riding gear (which is totally cool too…) but I want to bolt this to my front porch and have a secure drop box for my many, many parcels that are delivered.  It is branded with HD insignia, so the porch pirates will know not to mess with you! If you are curious, I managed to get a replacement PS4, delivered to my neighbours' house, and managed to keep it a secret, right up until Christmas Eve when his mother came over and managed spoiled the surprise. Thanks, Brenda…  

To those who doubt my shopping ways, I present my front porch after Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017:


Alison Soares has been a delightfully snarky addition to Rocky's Harley-Davidson team since 2019. She is our in-house online shopping guru and expert bean-counter.
 When she isn't clicking "add to cart" in her spare time, you can find her at the shop, usually lurking around the MotorClothes® department.
Follow Alison on Instagram for more insightfully sassy content! @mrsdavis029
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