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If you're going to make your living selling and servicing one of the most iconic brands in the free world, it helps if you share some of the same passions as your customers; and we do.

Everyone who works at Rocky's Harley-Davidson rides one, and we're all part of the culture that's connected through kinship and worship of the open road.

We work hard to make your Harley-Davidson® experience every bit as good as the motorcycles themselves. The result of our commitment can be seen in the smiles of our customers, and has led us to win the Canadian Retailer of the Year Award four times.

If you're looking to buy, or service a genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in the greater London area, the only place to start is at a genuine Harley-Davidson® dealer, and that would be Rocky's Harley-Davidson®. Has been since 1955.

Whether you are looking at a brand new CVO™ or starting off with a Street® 500 motorcycle, we have the knowledge and expert staff to help you with all your riding needs.

We hope to see you soon.

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